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this was an irrationally time intensive quarantine project that turned into my very first art show <3

all of the artwork is made out of perler beads! remember those things?


Collaboration with Chaos

An observation on adulthood in the medium of my childhood


As my adolescence came to an end, I found myself increasingly frustrated with “adulting” and the whirlwind of tasks that seemed to consume my days. As adults, we have a strained relationship with chaos. Chaos seems to impede our creativity.


This was interesting to me because as children, we thrived in chaos. The mess was our muse. The disorder was an invitation to create. It was easy to collaborate with chaos. 


Perler beads are a particularly disorderly medium that I loved as a child. I would dump out the bucket of beads around me and get to work. I took what I wanted from the mess around me, and used it to create.


I want to reclaim that ability as an adult.  I want to be able to embrace the clutter of adulthood,  instead of constantly willing it to subside. I want to reclaim my positive relationship with chaos, to reclaim my childlike ability to create amidst disorder.

ironCLOSE copy 2.png
perlerLARGE copy 2.png

My perler bead work was recently featured as an art show in the B.F. Larsen Gallery in Provo, UT.

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