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Last year I bought a Beta fish! I found myself bored with the selection of plastic plants to put into the bowl. So I decided to make some ceramic (non-toxic) furniture for my fishy. Then, I just kept making furniture until I had enough to fill a whole fish dollhouse.

How do I explain to people that my preferred method of relaxation is making furniture for my fish?

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I've made featured in a stylized shoot.

398A0151 copy.jpg
398A9808 copy.jpg
398A0038 copy.jpg
398A9946 copy.jpg
398A0181 copy.jpg
398A0312 copy.jpg
398A0075 copy.jpg
398A0254 copy.jpg
398A0273 copy.jpg

Styled by: Yours truly

Photography by: Lily Ballif

Models: Me and also several goldfish who now have good homes :-)

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